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BiTrader is now removed from the Google Play store

After today’s news
we decided to remove BiTrader from the play store.

We created the app because we used MtGox regularly and MtGox was
going to provide developers a way of getting a percentage of the fees.
Unfortunately, this never happened. Today, after several stataments by
MtGox, we decided to stop promoting a site which we not longer trust.

We still believe in Bitcoin and we hope that we can create a new
trader app for android backed by a better and more transparent
exchange site.


Japanese Relief Effort Contest

Want to help Japan recover from their natural disaster and also be entered to win a NGP at the same time?

If so than go here and donate to the disaster relief fund. 100% of the collected funds will be donated to Japanese Relief effort, and every $10 donated in a users name gets that usert entered once to win a NGP. So get you friends, parents, and neighbors to donate in your name today to take home an NGP!

PS3 Trophies Service Downtime

Due to events that exceed my control, I will be migrating the PS3 Trophies services to a new server.
This means that there will be an approximate downtime of  24 hours until the migration is finished.
Thanks for you patience and your support, we expect to be up and running again really soon.

Sony WTF?

Why are you changing the login process every day?

For all of you using the app, I’m changing server code to reflect new sony login process