PS3 Trophies for Windows Phone 7 coming soon….

I’m on the works on finish porting PS3 Trophies to Windows Phone 7

Here are some images of the development

3 responses to “PS3 Trophies for Windows Phone 7 coming soon….

  • Serge

    How is it coming? Been a long tonne singe This was postes? Is it for wp7?

  • MrEvo

    This is great news, and that’s an understatement. The one thing I miss from my iPhone was this app. I was all ready to go back to an iPhone and give up my Windows Phone 7.

  • Mirish

    I completely agree this would be fantastic! I’m more of a PS3 user than an XBOX and having PS3 trophies linked to my phone would be brilliant news! I’d miss iPlayer and LOVEFilm too much if I had to go to XBOX

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