PSN API Available

I was developing this API for a couple of months now.

I think it works good enough to make it public.

Go to to download a free trial and test the online API.

  • Sync or Async Calls
  • Ready to use with Data Repository or Cache
  • Web or Winform app ready
  • Full Profile Information
    • Avatar
    • Level
    • Progress
    • Number of Trophies Earned
  • Game List
    • Title
    • Image
    • Progress
    • Number of Trophies Earned
  • Trophy List
    • Title
    • Description
    • Image
    • Type
    • Hidden
    • Date Earned
  • Friend List
    • Full Profile Information
      • Avatar
      • Level
      • Progress
      • Number of Trophies Earned
    • Status
    • Playing


18 responses to “PSN API Available

  • KCT


    I use your excellent API, but there are some bugs in the list of trophies game.

    For example, look for GTA IV :

    No Platinum trophy, trophies duplicate, missing picture …

    This is not the only game: Darksiders, Resident Evil 5, The Eye of Judgement, …

    Can you make a correction to your API?

    Thank you and congratulations.

  • Efren

    This API looks awesome. How much will be the license? Will the API still depend on an outside service or is it capable of getting all the information by itself?

  • Nyon

    This API rules. Too bad it’s missing some game info. I can´t seem to find some of my games (like Star Ocean or Enslaved).

    Anyway. Pretty cool API. Congrats!

  • KCT


    The new version of your API is excellent.

    I use your API since September 2010, but since two weeks, I can not use the GET method (PHP and curl). I have this message:
    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied. You Do not Have permission to view this directory or page using The credentials That You Supplied

    What’s going on? What can I do?

    Thank you.

  • smoka13

    When using this API, I get the following error when calling the GetGames(string PsnId) method.

    {“The remote name could not be resolved: ‘'”}

    Repro Steps:
    1. Download and reference the DLLs.
    2. Create an website with a textbox to capture the PsnId (“txtPsnId”) and the following:

    psn ps3 = new psn();
    Game[] games = ps3.getGames(txtPsnId.Text);

  • Sean McIlvenna

    In my experience when trying to develop against the PSN website… the way their website is designed is that you have to make a separate GET request for each friend’s online status. There is no way to get the status of all friends in one single request. Does your API handle this scenario without being request-intensive? For example, if I were to deploy this to my server and allow others to use the service, assuming each user had 10 friends, and there were 100 users. 100 users all requesting their friend’s status at the same time would be 100×10 requests all at once. Way too much for a typical server. Would also probably cause PSN to raise an eyebrow.


    • benexus

      You are right
      The API uses the US site, and you have to query sony for each friend

      Try using the EU site, you can get the full list of friends in XML format


  • Waddys

    Hola, Benexus, aun sigue activo esto??

    en caso de ser asi deseo contactar contigo de una forma mas privada.


  • Serious Sam

    Hi Benexus, I have downloaded the FREE Version of your api from website, but it contains .dll files, I want to build a php application using your api and I don’t know asp, please provide a detailed tutorial how to make a web service like your site so that i can use it get to data to use in php and another question- does the full version of your api make call to the online api ie. to ??

    • benexus

      Hi, you need a Windows Machin with IIS to mount those dll and create a webservice.
      You can purchase the API that came with C# Source code and port it to php (is not so hard)

      Library does not use the online API (except for game list)
      Library has less features that online API because my online API is based on more sources and DB.
      Library use the USA site to get information (I will update it to use EU site too, soon)


  • ku


    is it allowed to use your psn Webservice in an free app (with advertising) for Windows Phone?

    • benexus

      You can, but the API has timing limitations on how many request can be done in a small period of time.
      Also Im releasing a Windows Phone app soon 😀


      • ku


        i saw your App in the Windows Phone Marketplace.
        Is that the reason why my app doésn´t work any longer.
        I can´t reach you service from my WP7 APP.
        So my question is: Can i use your service or not?
        Please write me back.


    I only just found this post. I used this API for quite a while until it stopped. Thanks for your hard work benexus! I’m using my own API now, but your service really got me interested in this stuff! I hope you’re doing well in your projects 🙂

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