Sony WTF?

Why are you changing the login process every day?

For all of you using the app, I’m changing server code to reflect new sony login process


5 responses to “Sony WTF?

  • Efren

    When are you going to publish the APIs again?

    Maybe send a compiled library?

  • Efren

    Awesome! You found another host!

    It’s working perfectly now.

  • it's me

    Have you thought about going against the site instead of the uk site. I am not sure if it is because I am in the US but that site just seems to work better for me. Every time I login to the uk site from my pc it takes forever to load but the us site is pretty fast for me so I image that if your Droid app pointed at the us server it would work for me, I would also image more people would buy your app if it was more consistent. I would but it only works for a little bit then I go to check status again and it is blank and thinking, maybe offer a us version and uk version???

    • benexus

      Problem with US site is that they doesnt have all the games, also they doesnt show all your friend info (like away status or comment)

      But… I will release a new version soon that will work and look much better than it is right now


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