PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends PRO v1.6

Friends Notifications!!!!

Hello again, its been a long time since my last post

First version of the app was connecting directly to Sony site, and that’s why it took so long sometimes to show your information.

Last versions connects to my new PSN API, improving response time and caching data for fast request. Problem is, I’m running out of space, so I need a new hosting provider.

Good news is v1.6 includes Friends Widget with notifications

Now you can see your friend on the home screen of your phone an be notified everytime a user goes online. You can choose wich friends you want to be notified.

New templates were added to the Trophy Widget, and more are comming (MGS, DMC, Infamous, RDR and more), leave a message on the comments if you want one, and remember that you can create your own at

You can download the APP from the market
PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends PRO

I would also like to thank to blitzfire911 for his help , check out his page

10 responses to “PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends PRO v1.6

  • mark

    I just bought the pro version hoping it would have more features but now it does not sign in at all and its very upsetting because I liked This application before I decided to pay for pro. Can I get help to get it working so I don’t have to refund.

  • rick

    Will I have to enter my password for pro to get friends?

    • benexus

      Yes, that is the only way to retrieve friends from Sony’s site.
      Password are only stored on the phone and transmitted over https (secure) to Sony.


  • max

    Hey, just updated to the froyo version and moved it to my SD card, now it isn’t an widget on my phone. So any recommendations?

    • benexus

      It appears as Widget doesn’t get well with sdcard installation
      I recommend you to move it again to main memory

      I’ll probably remove the option from the widget


  • Kazuya86

    I have have the pro version bought today in android market but i cant sign in tried everything change email password everything. Help!

    Ps. If i use the same login woth the free version it signs in so i dont understand

    • benexus


      Make sure yo check “Use Login Information”,
      Also, make sure there is no space in the email or password, sometimes if you press enter before a text , it inserts a new line.

  • jeff the american

    love the idea for the app but quick question will we be able to send msgs from my phone to my friends online

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