PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends PRO v1.0

PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends PRO

PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends is finally here

This version includes

  • All the functionality from PS3 Trophies & PSN Friends Free
  • Same HOME Widget found in PS3 & PSN Widget Free
  • A lot of NEW features (custom templates, compare games/friend/trophies, landscape support)

Let me talk about the new features:

HOME Widget

I really improved the widget for portrait & landscape orientation and different resolutions across the phones.

I added new Templates, and more will be coming soon, and you don’t have to update the app to get it. All new templates will appear on the settings menu, so check the help of the widget (just tap it) to see if any template is added.

This widget also include the ability for show your custom templates, just go to and create you template there. Then pick “Custom” when you choose templates (is the first one on the list)

Instructions for the creation of custom templates can be found at

You can launch Games & Friends from within the widget.

Main App

This version of the app only use your email & password, and get all the data from EU site. US accounts should work OK, but if you have any problem, just log in at and make sure you can see your friends there.

All information if up to date to that site, so, if you earn a trophy, it will show up when the site updates.

From inside the App you can launch your Game or your Friends.


When looking at your games you can see it sorted by the date on which you won your lasts trophies

Taping on a game will show your trophies order by date earned. (EU site doesn’t show the exact date)


When you look at you friends, you can tap on one of it to show detail information, including games played, or LONG tap and choose to compare with this friend (more on it latter)

When looking at your friend details you can tap the menu key to compare to that friend or tap on a game to see your friend trophies on that specific game. If you LONG tap on a game, you can choose to compare your trophies on that game with your friend’s.

On the Trophies screen, you can tap the menu key to compare your friend trophies to yours.

Comparing with a friend

If you go to the screen to compare with your friend you can look every game played side by side, and taping on a game will reveal the trophies comparison screen.

Comparing with a game

The Compare Game screen will show all the trophies your friend and you earned, compared side by side.

Landscape is supported on every screen, so feel free to rotate you phone.

If you have any problem or question , just leave a message here.

Thanks for all your support
Specials thanks to RTISYOURNEMESIS and blitzfire911 who helped me fix all the nasty bugs.


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